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Heckler and Koch, a small arms and light weapon manufacturer with a worldwide reputation of being the world’s leading small arms system company and are available for civil, military, and law enforcement purposes on a global basis. H&K supplies battle rifles and personal defense weapons to military and paramilitary units around the globe. H&K firearms can withstand harsh conditions and are uncompromising in reliability. Heckler & Koch is a leading designer and manufacturer small arms for over 50 years. H&K is trusted by military and law enforcement forces around the world for its unbeatable reputation in innovation, quality and durability.


The HK pistols available for sale meet all security and military requirements without compromise. HK handguns are unstoppable because of their unwavering accuracy, durability, long-term durability, and reliability in battle. The weapon is equipped with ergonomic grip profiles, ambidextrous controls and easy racking. It also has a patented charging support and a heavy-duty extractor/loaded chamber indicator. The HK handgun features a unique striker firing mechanism, cold hammer forged barrels featuring HK’s polygonal profile barrel technology. There are also options for Crimson Trace weapon sights, as well as a Picatinny rail to hold aftermarket accessories. We offer the best HK pistols online and offline at affordable prices. Check out popular models such as HK 45, HK Mark 23, HK P2000, HK P2000SK, HK P30, HK P30L, HK P30SK, HK USP 9mm, HK USP 40, HK USP 45, HK USP Expert, HK VP40, HK VP9, HK VP9L, HK VP9SK


The HK rifles combine German and American engineering to create a high-performance weapon. The HK proprietary gas piston operating mechanism, which uses a piston instead of a gas tube, ensures that HK rifles are virtually unaffected by malfunctions. This is a preferred choice for military personnel and law enforcement who depend on these weapons in potentially dangerous situations. Heckler & Koch uses the same steel as used to make cannon barrels for their rifle barrels. They then combine this with their cold hammer forging process. This manufacturing process gives customers a weapon that is both precise and durable. H&K rifles for sale online at the lowest prices. Check out some of our popular models such as HK 416, HK G36, HK MR556, HK MR762, HK SL8, HK SP5, HK SP5K, HK SP5L, HK USC